Wednesday, 16 May 2012

10 Sites That Every Engineer Should Know About

Here’s another post inspired by an office discussion. We were discussing our favourite engineering based websites and realised the results would make a great blog post. So after a rummage through our bookmarks and a little further debate we’ve come up with our top ten sites. We tried to keep the list balanced so you’ll find a few resource sites, a little bit of fun and one or two sites that aren’t purely engineering sites, but contain valuable knowledge for engineers. Do you have a favourite site that we haven’t included? Why not add a comment below and give your favourites a plug.


A wealth of engineering related news, videos, resources and jobs.

2. Engineering Formulas

A website packed full of formula for Fluid Mechanics, Failure Criteria, Finance and loads of things that don’t begin with F too. A great site for lovers of Greek letters and other squiggles. Other parts of the site have information on materials, units, design and maths.

3. The Engineering Toolbox

A great site, well structured into various engineering categories that lets you drill down to find the information you need. The flow of the site is a little spoiled by too many Google Ads links, but that is just a minor irritation.

4. LinkedIn

Not strictly an engineering resource, but LinkedIn is a great place to network with fellow engineers (it’s a bit like Facebook for grown-ups) and has some really useful special interest groups for sharing knowledge, meeting like-minded professionals and exchanging job opportunities.
Visit…   LinkedIn

5. GlobalSpec

Calling itself “The Engineering Search Engine”, GlobalSpec is packed full of engineering products and suppliers. Has some great email newsletters and product alert emails. You can even find Prosig on GlobalSpec.
Visit…  GlobalSpec

6. How Stuff Works

Whenever we need bit of extra background information for an office discussion this website is one of our first ports of call. Packed full of straightforward explanations
Visit…   How Stuff Works

7. Eng-Tips Forums

A fine collection of discussion forums, blogs, whitepapers and more. Covers a wide range of engineering fields.
Visit…   Eng-Tips Forum

8. Wikipedia

Again, not strictly an engineering site, but Wikipedia can’t be ignored when seeking information. Much has been made of the possible innaccuracies of Wikipedia’s articles, but genarally the scientific and engineering pages are well maintained.
Visit…   Wikipedia

9. Discover Engineering

A fantastic site for students or anyone new to engineering. Or just about anyone who enjoys quirky science projects and engineering themed games and activities. We all need a little light relief, right?
Visit…   Discover Engineering

10. Fun-Engineering

Another bit of fun to finish with. Fun-Engineering (maintained by Prof. Jim McGovern of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Dublin Institute of Technology) is a great little site, full of engineering gems. To my mind it is sites like this that make the WWW what it is.
Visit…   Engineering-Fun

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