Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Microsoft launches, a social networking website

Microsoft has silently though officially launched their new social networking website called (Social) which has been devised by its FUSE Labs. This new social networking site (like others) will allow users to share images, links and posts. However it integrates all of these feeds onto one visually appealing profile page.

Microsoft says that it combines social networking and search, to help its users find and share interesting web pages. Additionally it also provides rich media sharing and real-time video sharing. is something you might get by combining Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It is a place where you can share videos, pictures, links and other updates together in one single post.  It also allows users to view a video with their friends and followers by using a feature called Video Party. also includes Facebook authentication, which means all Facebook users can easily access the new social network using their Facebook details and can choose to allows to post automatic updates on their Facebook stream.

Microsoft has also introduced a new button which goes along with and helps user to share all the interesting content from the web. This works similar to the Facebook Share or Google’s +1 button. will use search data from Bing’s public API.

The company has mentioned that their plan is to create and develop an experimental research project using minimal set of features for the purpose of learning.

Users can now request their invites simply from It looks like a decent and appealing social network, but do we really need it?


  1. not that much gud as facebook is...?

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