Saturday, 12 May 2012

Play Popular Game “Angry Birds” on Any Website Using Your Web Browser

Do you love playing "Angry Birds" game on your mobile phone or tablet PC? If you can remember, we shared an interesting news in past about "Angry Birds" game available for Windows and as an online version.
Now its time to share another interesting news about this addictive game. Nokia Argentina has released abookmarklet of this popular game which can be added to your browser's bookmark toolbar. You have to just open any desired webpage and click on the bookmarklet present in bookmark toolbar. That's it. It'll start the game on that webpage.
In this special version, the green pigs hide in the webpage and you have to strike the pigs using your mouse. Its really fun to see how the webpage elements fall when you start playing the game.
Following is a screenshot of playing this special version of game on AskVG website:
To get started, just drag-n-drop following bookmarklet to your browser's bookmark toolbar:
That's it. Now open any webpage and click on the bookmarklet to start playing the game.

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