Monday, 14 May 2012

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak: I don't have broadband at home

Computing guru stuns business forum in Australia by admitting he doesn't have high-speed internet at his California home

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has reportedly let slip an admission that will dumbfound the web generation he helped create – he doesn't havebroadband at home.
Wozniak was talking to a business forum in Australia when he confessed to not having access to cable or high-speed internet at his house in Los Gatos, California.
Stunning his audience, he reiterated: "I, Steve Wozniak, don't have broadband at home," reported.
According to the news website, the 61-year-old computer engineer went on to explain that it was a case of living in the wrong part of town, with the worst kind of service.
"I live one kilometere out of the main part of town," he told the Perth-based forum. said he continued: "Broadband is a monopoly in my town. That means you can get it from a cable company – but I don't have cable."
Wozniak added that there are "50 companies" trying to sell him DSL, but they would have to go through the local phone company Horizon's wires.
"I've got one of the two worst Horizons in the country. And so I can't get broadband in my house," he reportedly said.
Wozniak is hailed as a tech hero by fans of all things Apple. Having founded the company alongside Steve Jobs, Wozniak created the Apple I and Apple II computers in the mid 1970s.
Despite leaving full-time employment at the firm in 1987, he is still seen as an ambassador of the brand. Last year he queued overnight to make sure he was the first in line in get the iPhone 4S at his local Apple store.

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