Tuesday, 22 May 2012

How to Speed up Your Site

When we’re talking about site speed the aesthetics boils down to the page load and its capability to withstand sudden traffic spike from incoming linking from highly trafficked sites such reddit or your post get sourced to a post of Engadget. The page load is even more crucial as mighty Google is using site speed as a signal in its search algorithm even Yahoo! and a small deviation on a normal 3-second rule can kill your conversion rate. In the process, slow-loading page can turn away visitors or even they could never come back again. So here are five effective ways to tune your site’s speed making your visitors and search-engine robot happy in the process.

If you’re running WordPress it’s good to know that there are handy cache-plugins that will keep your site up when it got hit by enormous seasonal traffic. We recommend WP Super Cache for beginner as it’s less complicated and technical, then the other one that helps me bring techgeeze.com‘s page load to 1.23-second –the highly integrated W3 Total Cache where it also feature Minify for HTML, CSS and JS. You can go and tweak each plugins settings to suit your needs. I’ve tried usingPingdom tools to benchmark the pageload and I got great improvements afterwards.

A CDN can run laps around your server, speeding your media content to your visitors. You can check out Amazon or CacheFly content delivery network as significant options. Some CDN use cloud technology to bring your resources close to your visitors’ geo-region.

Most Popular plugins
Plugins can make or break site’s speed, I remember one on techgeeze.com that brought the site’s speed to insane 24-secondpage load and after my investigation the cause was only a single plugin. It’s better if you do research before adding a new toolbar, social widget or WP plugins. Look whether it’s highly used or recommended by other webmaster through its ratings and download count.

I know if you’re a webmaster for quite sometime now, you’ve already read these 35 great tips for ensuring high availability under all traffic circumstances.

Try Cloudflare which uses the cloud to do a bunch of optimization that improves the performance of your site and protection. Your site’s is entitled with speed enhancements of a CDN, code optimization for reduced server load and latency, and security protection that squashes spam and protects you against malicious attacks.

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